Teacher Learning Journeys

Professional Development & Feedback from Master Educators

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Teacher Learning Journeys is an opportunity for free, independent, variable-duration, online teacher professional development.

Educators can select, prioritize, and complete their PD paths which allow them to find and make use of specific resources, teaching strategies, and content they need for their students.

Educators can apply for digital badges, a form of recognition that explains the activity, required effort, and skills acquired.

Educators also receive feedback for their work from master educators.  Finally, educators can generate a detailed record of their independent PD in the form of an online and printable portfolio and certificate.

Top 5 Reasons for Teachers to use Teacher Learning Journeys:
1. Find PD that meets your needs
2. Learn when and where you want
3. Work at your own pace
4. Maintain an archive of your professional learning
5. Create a digital portfolio to showcase your PD


Top 5 Reasons for Administrators to use Teacher Learning Journeys in their schools:
1. Itinerary provides an opportunity to discuss PD goals
2. Accountability through digital badges and reports that document progress
3. Personal relevance over one-size-fits all approach to PD
4. NASA/NSTA STEM content and educator expertise
5. No cost