Custom Workshop and Webshops

Educators examine a globe in an AESP Custom Workshop

Custom Workshop and Webshops

NASA research and development encompasses many aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and NASA has developed education products to allow teachers to use the highly engaging work of NASA to help students meet state and national standards. 

The AESP Education Specialists are Master Teachers who are well trained in education theory and practice and have a deep knowledge of the NASA education products portfolio, as well as the work of NASA connected to them.  The Specialist will work with those planning professional development for groups of educators and pre-service teachers to meet the particular needs of their education community.  The Frequently Requested Programs and Webinars pages show examples of the types of programs available, however many other programs may be planned. 

Custom Programs

Programs may run a few hours or several days, depending on the needs of the host and availability of Education Specialists with AESP presenting the entire program or co-presenting with local education experts. 

There is no cost to host an AESP Education Specialist, however, hosts are expected to provide facilities and recruit participants.  Due to budget constraints Specialists may not be able to travel for small groups or short-duration programs unless they are in the local area for other events.  For programs presented by the NASA Education Specialist hosts may only charge participants to recoup expenses for facilities, materials, and catering.

Several educators around a table interacting with a presenter through a video conferencing service


In order to meet the needs of more educators on a limited budget AESP has developed expertise in delivering workshops as virtual presenters, coining the term “webshop” to describe this delivery.  Webshops use the same easy-to-use video conferencing interface as webinars but are presented to educators who are together in one room as opposed to sitting at computers in different locations, as in a webinar. 

To make the experience as interactive as possible AESP Education Specialists work with a local facilitator who acts as a co-presenter, managing the technology, purchasing and distributing materials, and helping to field questions for the presenter.  Webshops require a computer with webcam and microphone and a projector.