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Tom Taylor

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Posed studio photograph of Tom Taylor

Thomas Taylor is a Senior Research Engineer at the Applied Research Laboratory at PSU with extensive experience in academia, private industry and the federal government.  This includes NASA’s education office, manned program, and Earth and space science missions; with significant involvement in working with several foreign countries in developing space flight hardware.  As a PSU Project Manager, NASA Instrument Systems Manager, and NASA Instrument Manager he’s managed the development of flight hardware built for several scientific instruments at various universities, corporations, US government agencies, and international organizations, including the development of instruments used for the detection of gamma ray; x-ray; ultraviolet; microwave; infrared; and energetic particles.  At PSU, Mr. Taylor is the Project Manager for PSU’s component of the NASA SWIFT gamma-ray mission, Business Manager for PSU’s NASA Aerospace Educational Services Program, and PSU’s Principal Investigator for the PSU node of the Air Force Academy’s Falcon Telescope Network.

At NASA, He was involved in manned and unmanned launch vehicles.  As an engineer on the Centaur upper stage he supported the Voyager mission, launched on the Titan/Centaur, and various Atlas/Centaur launches of communication satellites.  He worked on the Shuttle project team developing NASA-unique programming languages for the Shuttle launch systems.  He was Chief of the Project Formulation Office, which developed advanced mission concepts and formulated new projects at GSFC for the various NASA Enterprises.  He was the Program Manager of NASA’s Digital Earth Office at the GSFC.  This program addressed the Vice-President’s national initiative for enabling easy access to the vast amounts of Earth referenced information and involved multiple organizations at the federal, state and local government levels and within the academia, industry, media, and international communities.

He obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from the Mansfield University at Pennsylvania in 1974, and a Master's Degree in Technical Management from the Johns Hopkins University at Maryland in 1991. He is a current member of IEEE and the Project Management Institute (PMI), certified by PMI as a Project Management Professional (PMP).