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Rachelle Oblack

Summer of Innovation
Penn State


Posed studio photograph of Rachelle Oblack

Rachelle Oblack is an award-winning former K-12 STEM educator with 15 years of experience. Rachelle is proud to bring teaching, curriculum, and writing/editorial experience to NASA and Penn State for the Summer of Innovation as a Curriculum Development Specialist. A graduate of Wichita State University, Rachelle holds a Master Degree and teacher certifications in earth and space science, chemistry, physical science, and environmental science K-12. She has been active in promoting and delivering STEM content to students of all ages, including teachers in professional development settings.

Rachelle was a contributing author for a national edition science education textbook, as well as a contributing author to the Discovery Education Channel. Rachelle was also the former weather expert for a major web outlet owned by the New York Times. She also completed the Florida Virtual School earth and space science curriculum as the lead writer for the project. As an educator astronaut final applicant, Rachelle has been involved with NASA for several years as a Network of Educator Astronaut Teachers (NEAT) group member. Other experiences include running professional development workshops for teachers in the areas of technology. She also worked with the NASA Science Visualization Studio (SVS) using media clips in education.

In her former teaching position, Rachelle was instrumental in implementing four new courses in meteorology, geology, oceanography, and astronomy by writing new curriculum aligned to state and national science standards. She continues to design and refine new ways to reach students and teachers across the country.