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Keith Duclos

Penn State


Posed studio photograph of Keith Duclos

Dr. Keith Duclos is the Deputy Director of AESP. He has worked on a number of NASA science missions, including managing the spectrograph development project for the Spitzer Space Telescope at Cornell University as well as the pair of telescopes built under Penn State for the Swift Explorer Mission.

Duclos received his bachelor’s degree from Western New England College (now University) and earned his MBA from Cornell University. In 2012 he successfully completed his doctoral degree at the University of Hartford in educational leadership.

Dr. Duclos joined the Penn State AESP team in 2008 as project business manager and became the deputy director in 2010. He is primarily responsible for managing the logistics of the larger educator projects AESP undertakes, in addition to overseeing the data capture and reporting functions for the project back to NASA. He is a vigorous supporter of technology as a learning tool for educator professional development and is active in those program elements that rely on the internet such as Teacher Learning Journeys and NEON.

Keith and his wife Barbara just celebrated their 25th anniversary and live in State College with their two sons, one who is a student at Penn State in the Architectural Engineering department and the other a budding video game designer who will be begin pursuing his degree at Penn College in 2013.