Over 50 years of inspiring the next generation.

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Who We Are

AESP is NASA's longest-running K-12 education project.

AESP Education Specialists are experienced educators who are broadly knowledgeable about NASA's missions, programs, and education resources. AESP Education Specialists work alongside NASA engineers, scientists, and educators to bring the current work of NASA to the education community.

The earth begin craddled in hands

What We Do

AESP Education Specialists work with schools, colleges, science centers, and other sites to deliver on-site and/or online professional development to in-service or pre-service teachers and other educators.

  • Connect STEM educators to the work of NASA
  • Work in all States and U.S. territories
  • No Cost to Host

Ask a Specialist

NASA Education Specialist teaching astronomy concepts

How We Do It

AESP provides professional development that models methods supported by research.  Education Specialists are trained NASA master educators who offer a variety of NASA STEM-related programs.  To best serve educators across the U.S. and its territories, we offer a variety of onsite and virtual programs:

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